Radiocarbon Collaborative Partners

The Radiocarbon Collaborative assists researchers will all levels project execution as needed, from experimental design to manuscript preparation. It serves all projects large and small, from a single archeological artifact to global-scale assessments of carbon stocks. 

We are currently partnering with researchers from the Forest Service, Colorado State University, Michigan Technological University and Berry College to assist with evaluation of peat carbon stocks, peat ecosystems transition drivers, and fire frequency intervals.

Radiocarbon Collaborative


The Radiocarbon Collaborative assists researchers in the application of radiocarbon analysis to a wide array of scientific investigations. We generally apply radiocarbon analysis to questions regarding how carbon is cycled and stabilized in ecosystems, and how land management and climate change may influence these processes. These projects include permafrost loss, blue carbon, peatland warming, harvest impacts on soil, and bioenergy cropping systems among others.

Paula Zermeño

Paula manages the Carbon, Water and Soils Lab and has over 20 years of expertise in the preparation of environmental samples for radiocarbon dating. Paula serves as a vital part of the Radiocarbon Collaborative, providing expert laboratory analysis as well as serving in the role of mentor to students and technicians. When not moving snow Paula enjoys hiking with her pups and traveling near and far.

Kate Heckman

Kate coordinates the Radiocarbon Collaborative, as well as carrying out basic and applied research in soil C cycling and soil biogeochemistry. Outside of work, Kate can be found cooking, remodeling her house, and hanging out with her puppies and partner. Playing in the snow and sunning on the beach are also favorites.