Digital Science Communication

Digital Science Communication efforts support online science delivery through website creation, informative content, graphic design, and educational multimedia. 


The Digital Science Communication team works on a growing portfolio of web-based activities that help to convey information, tools, and other resources regarding climate change and other land management challenges. We organize, create, manage, and maintain numerous websites as a means to provide user-friendly online platforms for delivering climate change science information. These efforts also use graphic design as a communication tool to visually represent and clarify scientific information and ideas.


"I am super psyched! After all, your team’s products made it to the White House for One Trillion Trees (infographics) so I have high expectations!"

- Tracy Hancock, Director, Knowledge Management and Communications, USDA Forest Service Research & Development



The Digital Science Communication team continues to provide assistance, web development expertise, and design services for several major web-based platforms and communication outlets, including the USDA Climate Hubs and Forest Service Research and Development (FS R&D) at a national level.


  • Worked with FS R&D to modernize its national web presence
  • Overhauled and expanded the content of the website, which was designed to convey the breadth of NIACS activities and partners
  • Provided ongoing technical assistance to USDA Climate Hubs regional web content managers, including individual consultation and coaching, tutorials, documentation and guides, and problem-solving
  • Expanded the Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change website to keep pace with the ASCC Network expansion
  • Continued critical “under the hood” work—maintenance and security updates—for the Radiocarbon Collaborative, Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change, and NIACS websites
  • Created graphic design products and publication layouts used to support NIACS and partner organizations.

    • Science infographics used in newsletters, presentations, and social media outreach by the Forest Service Washington Office, complementing the work of the FS R&D’s Knowledge Management and Communications group

    • Resource area and website icons in support of the 2020 Resources Planning Act Assessment



A complete overhaul of the USDA Climate Hubs website is planned for early FY2022, with ongoing improvements following the initial updates. We also will maintain and expand our existing web projects and design efforts.