Annual Report

The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) is a collaborative, multi-institutional partnership led by the USDA Forest Service and comprised of Federal (USDA Forest Service NRS and R9), forest industry (NCASI), conservation (AF), higher education (MSU, MTU, UMN, UVM), and tribal organizations (GLIFWC). Our mission is to provide applied ecological, economic, social, and cultural information that can be used in climate adaptation and forest carbon management.

We work in collaboration with partners across all lands to ensure that the diverse values of public, private, and tribal organizations are represented in response to the immense challenges of climate change on the ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. The partnership brings people together around shared concerns and interests, engaging many different perspectives and types of knowledge to identify opportunities for collaborative action.

Our efforts are focused on the greatest good, reflecting not only our organizational partners’ interests, but also the interests of the broader community of natural resources managers and stewards working to ensure the sustainability and integrity of the natural world around us in a period of immense change and uncertainty. This includes our work in support of the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub, which has a complimentary mission and focus.

We value our role as leaders in a new, dynamic, and growing discipline to advance climate science and solutions.

This report reflects the shared accomplishments of our partnership.

Annual Report FY 2022

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