Digital Science Communication


The Digital Science Communication theme aggregates a growing portfolio of web-based activities that help to convey information, tools, and other resources regarding climate change and other land management challenges. NIACS staff organize, create, manage, and maintain numerous websites as a means to provide user-friendly online platforms for delivering climate change science information.  These efforts also use graphic design as a communication tool to visually represent and simplify scientific information and ideas.


Kailey Marcinkowski

Kailey is a Climate Change Education Specialist with NIACS, working with the Climate Change Resource Center to expand online education materials.  She focuses on developing graphic visualization resources to make climate change science more accessible, fun, and understandable for everyone. Kailey enjoys reading, cooking, working on house projects, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Shawn Klomparens

Shawn is the webmaster of the Climate Change Resource Center and USDA Climate Hubs. He is a longtime advocate for Open Source software and is dedicated to clear and effective presentation of information online in a technically efficient fashion. A Michigan native now living in Jackson, Wyoming with his wife and two children, Shawn enjoys running, cycling, and camping in the summer, and Nordic and backcountry skiing in the winter. 

Hannah Abbotts

Hannah is the content manager for the Climate Change Resource Center, coordinating the development and compilation of peer-reviewed resources for a land management audience. She is also the national content manager for the USDA Climate Hubs. When she’s not working at her computer, Hannah spends her time running, skiing, cycling, growing vegetables, and teaching her daughter to love these things too.