Madeline Baroli

As a Climate Adaptation Specialist, Maddy supports partners in adaptation planning through climate science communication, resource development, and training. She also works on Climate Change Response Framework projects within New England and helps manage NIACS’ social media. Outside of work, Maddy coordinates a community science project focused on assisted migration, enjoys the outdoors with her partner and their two pet rats, and has been learning to play the electric bass

Annamarie Rutledge

Annamarie Rutledge serves as a Research Scientist (Outreach Specialist) with Michigan Technological University, supporting NIACS and the USDA Forest Service. She joined the NIACS team in 2020 after completing her M.S.

Danielle Shannon

Danielle is the coordinator of the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub, and helps land managers cope with and adapt to the challenges of climate change. She likes to focus on using adaptation resources to aid management decisions in forested watersheds, and wetlands. Outside of work, Danielle is most often found running after her two kids who are daredevil bike riders.