Mattison Brady

Climate Adaptation Specialist


Mattison is a climate adaptation specialist with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science. He focuses on scientific collaboration to share the results of recent studies of vulnerable keystone forest species throughout the Midwest and Northeast. His research deals with forest health and silviculture in temperate forests, focusing on sugar maple decline phenomena. He holds an M.F. and M.S. in Forestry from Michigan Technological University.

USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub Partners

The Northern Forests Climate Hub collaborates across the country with other regional Hubs and national partners, and also integrates activities with the Climate Change Response Framework (CCRF) and its many partners. The Hub partnerships often work at larger scales across the region, while the integration with CCRF leverages more long-standing partnerships engaged in on-the-ground management activities.

National and Regional

Adaptation Partners

Department of Navy, Civil Engineer Corps Officer School

USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub


The USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub (NFCH) provides practical, science-based climate information and climate adaptation training. NIACS leads the NFCH, which tiers to and expands on the work of the Midwest and Northeast Regional Climate Hubs by providing forest sector-specific information and outreach. Additionally, the NFCH collaborates across the country with national partners and regional Hubs to produce specialized adaptation resources and training events.