USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub Partners

The Northern Forests Climate Hub collaborates across the country with other regional Hubs and national partners, and also integrates activities with the Climate Change Response Framework (CCRF) and its many partners. The Hub partnerships often work at larger scales across the region, while the integration with CCRF leverages more long-standing partnerships engaged in on-the-ground management activities.

National and Regional

Adaptation Partners

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USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub


The USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub (NFCH) provides practical, science-based climate information and climate adaptation training. NIACS leads the NFCH, which tiers to and expands on the work of the Midwest and Northeast Regional Climate Hubs by providing forest sector-specific information and outreach. Additionally, the NFCH collaborates across the country with national partners and regional Hubs to produce specialized adaptation resources and training events.


Danielle Shannon

Danielle is the coordinator of the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub, and helps land managers cope with and adapt to the challenges of climate change. She likes to focus on using adaptation resources to aid management decisions in forested watersheds, and wetlands. Outside of work, Danielle is most often found running after her two kids who are daredevil bike riders.

Kristen Schmitt

Kristen is a climate change adaptation specialist working in support of the Northern Forests Climate Hub. She works with a variety of partners to create new tools and to plan and execute trainings that help natural resources professionals integrate climate change into their work. As a relatively new resident of Duluth, MN, Kristen continues to spend time exploring the various trails and water bodies in the greater Twin Ports area.

Todd Ontl

Todd coordinates the forest carbon management outreach efforts , as well as supporting the work with natural resource professionals in the New England region to integrate climate change considerations into forest management. Outside of work, Todd spends as much time as possible exploring forests with his wife and daughter. He can often be found in his workshop designing and building furniture (and the occasional musical instrument).