Courtney Peterson

Courtney Peterson is a Research Associate at Colorado State University. She is the Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (ASCC) Coordinator, leading the development of potential sites and dissemination of project findings through outreach and training with land managers and scientists. Courtney also supports partners in climate science communication, adaptation planning, resources, and training as a climate adaptation specialist.

Patricia Leopold

Patricia coordinates the Mid-Atlantic and Central Appalachians Climate Change Response Framework, where she is actively expanding partnerships, creating resources, and promoting implementation of adaptation actions in inland and coastal forest ecosystems, and at scales ranging from state agency planning to on-the-ground projects. In her personal time, Patricia enjoys skiing, hiking, and exploring natural areas.

Maria Janowiak

As the Deputy Director of NIACS since 2016, Maria manages many of the day-to-day operations of the productive and busy NIACS team. She also works with a variety of natural resource professionals and land management organizations to integrate climate change considerations into their management and coordinates Climate Change Response Framework activities in New England and northern New York. In 2020, Maria spent much of her time at home establishing a new vegetable garden, fruit orchard, and tree nursery.

Stephen Handler

As a Climate Change Specialist at NIACS, Stephen coordinates the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This includes preparing vulnerability assessments, working with partners, and planning real-world adaptation projects to illustrate climate-informed land management. Stephen spends as much time as possible napping with his son Simon.