Carbon Trends and Management Partners

NIACS work related to Carbon Trends and Management maintains and cultivates partnerships to ensure technically robust science, effective information delivery, and strategic growth. Scientific partnerships include research collaborators from government, academia, and non-profits. These partnerships are the foundation of NIACS projects ranging from pure research into soil organic matter radiocarbon dynamics, to applied research into management impacts on carbon sequestration.

Carbon Trends and Management


The Carbon Trends and Management theme incorporates NIACS efforts that design, produce, and disseminate scientific information about land use, management, and the carbon cycle with efforts to provide tools and resources that help forest managers consider climate change impacts and identify adaptation actions that maintain or enhance carbon benefits of forests.

Todd Ontl

Todd coordinates the forest carbon management outreach efforts , as well as supporting the work with natural resource professionals in the New England region to integrate climate change considerations into forest management. Outside of work, Todd spends as much time as possible exploring forests with his wife and daughter. He can often be found in his workshop designing and building furniture (and the occasional musical instrument). 

Luke Nave

Luke is an Associate Research Scientist with the University of Michigan. He splits his time between the UM Biological Station and NIACS Central in Houghton. He joined NIACS in 2010 and conducts collaborative research in forest ecology, management, biogeochemistry and the carbon cycle with partners in NIACS, NGO’s, federal agencies, and academia. Luke loves his family and all things outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, gardening, and making maple syrup.

Kate Heckman

Kate coordinates the Radiocarbon Collaborative, as well as carrying out basic and applied research in soil C cycling and soil biogeochemistry. Outside of work, Kate can be found cooking, remodeling her house, and hanging out with her puppies and partner. Playing in the snow and sunning on the beach are also favorites.