USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub

The USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub (NFCH) helps natural resource managers, woodland owners, and others interested in forested ecosystems to integrate climate change information into planning, decision making, and management activities.


The USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub (NFCH) provides practical, science-based climate information and climate adaptation training. NIACS leads the NFCH, which tiers to and expands on the work of the Midwest and Northeast Regional Climate Hubs by providing forest sector-specific information and outreach. Additionally, the NFCH collaborates across the country with national partners and regional Hubs to produce specialized adaptation resources and training events. 



The NFCH developed and led six climate adaptation training sessions to meet the needs of regional agencies and Hub partners. These sessions included two in-person climate adaptation workshops and one online course focused on management of forests and wetlands in the Midwest and Northeast, two workshops tailored for Department of Defense federal military organizations and partners, and one week-long training for the US Forest Service to support and train climate change coordinators on advanced climate change topics. 

"Great Stuff! NIACS staff are smart, on-point, great facilitators, & fun & friendly!"

- Wetland Workshop participant

NFCH leads workshop

The NFCH also supported three other regional USDA Climate Hubs at the rollout of the Intermountain Adaptation Partnership Vulnerability Assessment. Additionally, the NFCH worked with tribal partners to co-lead two climate workshops in the Native Youth Community Adaptation Leadership Congress.

The success of a new Climate Change Response Framework menu of adaptation strategies and approaches for forested watersheds also spurred the creation of several additional adaptation menus. The NFCH supported work on these menus, which address tribal perspectives on forest adaptation, non-forested wetland management, and forest carbon management. NIACS staff working through the NFCH led or co-authored several new publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and technical reports covering change impacts, mitigation strategies, and adaptation responses.



NIACS will continue working through the Northern Forests Climate Hub to develop and deliver tools tailored for recreation managers, tribal communities, forest-carbon management, coastal ecosystems, wildlife managers, and wetland and water resources management. The Hub will continue efforts to work with land-managers to meet their training needs and provide a variety of topic-specific adaptation planning workshops for practitioners. Additionally, the NFCH will continue working with other regional Hubs and organizations nationally to help prepare adaptation tools and workshops as requested.


2018 Fast Facts

Organizations represented: tribal, local, state and federal agencies, non-profit, academic

6 workshops

5 new CCRF adaptation menus

150 attendees at USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub hosted workshops