USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub

The USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub (NFCH) helps natural resource managers, woodland owners, and others working in forested ecosystems to integrate climate change information into planning, decision making, and management activities.


The USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub (NFCH) provides practical, science-based climate information and climate adaptation training. NIACS leads the NFCH, which tiers to and expands on the work of the Midwest and Northeast Regional Climate Hubs by providing forest sector-specific information and outreach. Additionally, the NFCH collaborates across the country with national partners and regional Hubs to produce specialized adaptation resources and training events.



The NFCH continues to provide leadership in climate change adaptation and response across its region— and beyond!

Education and Training

The NFCH developed and led 21 climate and adaptation workshops for regional organizations and Hub partners, providing direct training to more than 400 natural resource professionals. (And this doesn’t even include the 12 online and in-person adaptation planning and practices trainings held in conjunction with the Climate Change Response Framework!)

Continued collaboration with the Departments of Defense and Navy resulted in climate change education using CCRC educational resources  at six trainings of military natural resource specialists, and engineers, and officers. An additional adaptation planning workshop was held at the National Military Fish and Wildlife Association meeting for natural resource managers from different military branches. 

The NFCH also led the development of a forestry-specific curriculum as part of peer-to-peer learning network for climate adaptation among agricultural producers and natural resource managers, in collaboration with partners at the Northeast Climate Hub. 

"I want to thank you again for the amazing job you did presenting as part of the NRCS-ASWM Wetland Training Webinar this week.  You provided a stellar presentation, including a wealth of useful information.  We had 437 participants join us on the live webinar and have received feedback from several participants (in addition to those who commented during the webinar) that this was a webinar of the highest caliber. "

- Brenda Zollitsch, Senior Policy Analyst, Association of State Wetland Managers

NFCH leads workshop

Support to USDA Regional Climate Hubs

The NFCH continues to be a leader within the national network of USDA Hubs. The NFCH supported the California Climate Hub and USFS Region 5 by training staff from two National Forest to integrate climate considerations and climate-informed actions into management projects. 

The NFCH hosted forest ecologist Stacey Clark as a liaison from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service. Her work this year included: introducing the Adaptation Workbook and other tools to NRCS staff and partners, developing new climate-informed tools and products, and providing feedback on how to better provide support integration of climate change and adaptation principles within the NRCS conservation planning framework. 




The NFCH will develop and deliver tools for diverse groups of natural resource managers and provide a variety of topic-specific adaptation planning workshops for practitioners. Additionally, the NFCH will continue working with other Hubs and organizations to help support regional and national efforts. In the next year, NFCH will be working with American Forests on planning and agenda development for four regional Learning Labs in support of US Climate Alliance work on Natural and Working Lands. 


2019 Fast Facts

400+ attendees at northern forests climate hub workshops

Organizations represented: Tribal, Private, Local, State Agencies, Non-profit, Academic, Military

4 new Climate Change Response Framework Adaptation Menus - forested watersheds, tribal perspective, forest carbon management, non-forested wetlands

21 educational trainings and workshops