Climate Change Resource Center

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is a web-based, national resource that connects land managers and decision-makers with useable science to address climate change in planning and application.


The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) delivers relevant and credible science-based information on climate change to natural resource and land managers through its online platform. Within its capacity as an online science communication resource, the CCRC also provides assistance and expertise for the USDA Climate Hubs web team in organizing and improving the Hub website.

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is continuing to evolve into a multi-agency resource on land management and climate change. In particular, the CCRC partners with the Department of Navy, providing the basic climate change science education component for its environmental courses.



The CCRC continued to expand content offerings on forest-related topics, tools, and online training materials for climate change education. The biggest accomplishments of the year were a full redesign and update of the site’s user interface and the addition of the Compendium of Adaptation Approaches section, a collection of curated, science-based climate change adaptation actions, which aligns and combines resources from the Climate Change Response Framework and Adaptation Partners into a single, searchable database of adaptation actions for the nation.

Topic pages
  • Climate Change, Forests, and Water
  • Climate Change Refugia
  • Northeastern U.S. Forest Pests and Diseases
  • Assisted Migration
Featured Stories
  • Hurricane Maria May Help Scientists Predict How Rainforests Respond to Climate Change
  • Land Managers are Restoring Degraded Forests with an Eye to Future Climates
  • 4 Department of Navy Environmental Compliance course climate change sessions
  • Development of online climate change curriculum in partnership with Michigan Tech
  • Development of online carbon module in partnership with Michigan State University
  • Forest Service booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival
Compendium of Adaptation Actions
  • 2 partner pages
  • 2 background and instructional pages
  • 365 Adaptation Approaches
Kailey representing CCRC at USA science and engineering festival
Website Infrastructure
  • Site upgrades - Visual redesign, clickable map and regional content sort, improved search, new menu structure
  • New section - The addition of the "Compendium of Adaptation Approaches" required the development of a separate database and additional site components
  • Major security updates
  • General maintenance
And More...
  • 20 factsheets and partner publications
  • 100+ additions to the Bibliography
  • Videos
  • News




We will continue improving the user experience with upgrades of the video and education module interfaces, followed by a full analysis of site use and administration of a user focus group to identify additional needs. We look forward to continuing to provide new content, focusing on Adaptation Examples paired to the newly added Adaptation Approaches, new and updated topic pages, and featured stories on real-world applications of Forest Service research in a changing climate.


2018 Fast Facts

Most visited topic pages - forest carbon, reptiles, grasslands, bark beetles, mammals

137,000 pageviews in 2018

15 Department of Navy trainings since 2015

Climate Change Resource Center received visits from 203 countries