Climate Change Resource Center

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is a web-based, national resource that connects land managers and decision-makers with usable science to address climate change in planning and application.


The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) delivers science-based, relevant, and credible information on climate change to land managers through its online platform. It is the Forest Service’s largest and most comprehensive forest adaptation website designed specifically for natural resources professionals. Resources from the CCRC are also adapted for the USDA Climate Hubs and Department of the Navy, and shared through outreach, training, and educational activities.



The CCRC continued to expand content offerings on ecosystem-related topics, tools, and adaptation examples and resources. The Compendium of Adaptation Approaches grew to include more resource areas and geographies. Educational resource offerings focused on the expansion of educational videos and supporting materials. Site improvements this year include an upgrade of the content management system, the development of educational Learning Collections, and increased accessibility for translated content.


New, curated Learning Collections have been developed for the site. These collections consist of relevant topic pages, videos, tools, adaptation examples, factsheets, resource links, and other multimedia gathered from within the CCRC, all on a specific topic. Collections allow for a quick educational dip into the different formats of information the CCRC has to offer on certain topics of interest.

Compendium of Adaptation Approaches

  • 66 new approaches added to the Compendium of Adaptation Approaches
  • 3 new and updated adaptation planning pages

  • 6 new and updated tools

  • 8 new videos

Site Infrastructure

  • Completed styling and layout upgrades to Drupal 9 migration, launched in August 2021
  • Upgrades to tag and display related content in the right hand side bar of Topic Pages

  • Major security updates

"Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort! It was fast and you were all super accommodating with time, energy, and creative ideas. I’m glad it all came together, and I look forward to working with you on the CCRC."

- Jennifer Balachowski, Technology Transfer Specialist, Office of Sustainability and Climate, USDA Forest Service



The CCRC will continue to add new content, working collaboratively with the Forest Service Research & Development and the Office of Sustainability and Climate to create stronger integrations of Forest Service resources and increase CCRC offerings.