Climate Change Resource Center

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is a web-based, national resource that connects land managers and decision-makers with useable science to address climate change in planning and application.


Kailey representing CCRC at USA science and engineering festival

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) delivers relevant and credible science-based information on climate change to natural resource and land managers through its online platform. Resources from the CCRC are also adapted for the USDA Climate Hubs and shared through Hub activities.

The Climate Change Resource Center is continuing to evolve into a multi-agency resource on land management and climate change. In particular, the CCRC partners with the Department of the Navy, providing the basic climate change science education component for its environmental courses.



The CCRC continued to expand content offerings on forest-related topics, tools, and online training materials for climate change education. The biggest accomplishments of the year were the integration of the Adaptations Examples into the Compendium of Adaptation Approaches section, a new carbon module, and behind-the-scenes migration of the CCRC content to the next generation of our content management system.

Compendium of Adaptation Approaches

  • 6 new adaptation examples
  • Updated existing adaptation examples to integrate with the Compendium


  • Development of online climate change curriculum in partnership with Michigan Tech University
  • New carbon module in partnership with Michigan State University
  • 4 Department of the Navy Environmental Compliance course climate change sessions, delivered through the USDA Climate Hubs
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions design and information

Site Infrastructure

  • Site upgrades including structural and user interface improvements to the video pages, adaptation approaches, adaptation examples, and education pages
  • Expansion of the Compendium of Adaptation Approaches to include adaptation examples that feature the approaches being implemented in real-world management
  • Major security updates
  • Migration of content to Drupal 8

And More...

  • Topic Pages
  • Featured Stories
  • Tools
  • Videos




The CCRC will continue to provide new content, with a focus on adding Adaptation Examples and new approaches to the Compendium of Adaptation Approaches. New and updated Topic Pages and a comprehensive update to the Tools section are also in the works. Work has already begun on the styling and layout upgrade to our Drupal 8 migration, with a projected live launch at the end of FY2020.


2019 Fast Facts

400 adaptation approaches added to the compendium of adaptation approaches on the Climate Change Resource Center

200,000+ pageviews

visits from 211 countries, according to google analytics

104,635 Users, an increase of 45% from FY18